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Inner Bootworks offers top brands along with the highest level of custom fitting available

Alpine Boots from:

  • Lange
  • Salomon
  • Nordica
  • Atomic
  • Rossignol
  • Dalbello
  • Tecnica
  • K2

AT & Hybrid Boots from:

  • Scarpa
  • Sportiva
  • Dalbello
  • Atomic (XTD & Backland)
  • Lange (Freetour & XT)
  • Nordica (Stryder)
  • Salomon (Mt. Series)
  • Tecnica (Cochise & Zero G Series)

HOTRONIC Custom Boot Heating Systems

These systems add warmth and comfort to your ski boots. Your toes are heated by rechargeable batteries which power a small heating element mounted in your insoles. (no change to fit)

Custom Insoles: Instaprint, Superfeet & Conformable

Custom insoles are foot-beds that are molded to your feet. They help stabilize your feet in the boots and increase the efficiency of the foot ski interface. They improve circulation and allow your feet to relax while skiing in the mountains.

Custom Liners: Conformable, Head & Nordica

These are custom molded liners. Conformable liners are foam injected. The liner is firmly molded to your foot and to the shell of the boot for the best possible fit.

We also offer customization of Intuition, Zip Fit and Dalbello ID along with Thermo-liners from Scarpa, Atomic and Salomon.

Zip fit liners are either silicone or cork gel injected which are molded to the feet as well. In these liners, material never permanently hardens and is always re-molding to your feet. Intuition Liners are a thermo-moldable liner that mold both to the shell and your feet. They are a warmer liner and offer a comfortable fit. Thermo-liners are proprietary heat moldable liners that are included with many current performance level ski boots brands.

Stance, Balancing & Alignment

When skiing down a mountain, the ideal stance position is that when you drive your knees forward, the forces projected should go directly down the access of the ski. Not all insoles are created equal, nor are human feet. When you roll your knees to the right or left, you should feel a uniform edge transfer on both skis, but if your stance is not balanced, the forces from your legs will not be even. To improve overall stance we start by looking at your foundation; a custom insole will help to stabilize your feet and then the chain. Here we can establish where you are most comfortable in your boots and evaluate whether you require additional canting. This is best done under the sole of the boot, where a specific angle is ground out of the sole, lifter plates are applied and the boots are brought back to DIN standards. This process will give you much better edge control and power distribution. We then adjust your stance inside the boot (fore and aft balancing).

AT & Telemark Boot Service

alpine is not the only way to ski

Performance Alpine Touring Boots are built for ski mountaineering mobility. These boots are built to perform as an alpine boot with the versatility of a touring boot. They are light, agile, and articulate to travel through all terrain. AT boots generally have a walk/ski mode which allow you to hike and climb with greater ankle articulation than a conventional alpine ski boot.

Telemark or Free Heel Skiers require great versatility from their equipment for a wide range of experiences. Whether skiing aggressive telemark or parallel turns, telemark boots need to deliver comfort and support while touring into the back country.

We offer the same industry leading fit services for Telemark and AT boots as we do for Alpine ski boots.